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Enova Community Owned Renewable Energy.

Enova Radiance Device


Over the last 18 months, Creation Theory have been proud to partner with Enova Energy Ltd to build one of the world's first community-owned renewable energy companies.

On board from the pre-funded, investor-prospectus stage, we were able to assist in seeing an unprecedented groundswell of community support - with this goodwill backed by $4M in investment - secured mainly via local community-based micro-investors.

A community passionate to take direct and positive action to see their pristine region protected, rallied to the tag line -
It's YOUR Energy Company ™ - making this a true statement indeed.

Since the raise, Creation Theory has been able to assist in seeing the limited marketing budget resources of a startup leveraged to high ratios of ROI, whilst yet seeing the Enova brand built upon the kind of best-practice standards which allow it to stand proud alongside any of the established corporate incumbents within the energy category.

We are so grateful to have had the privilege of being associated with a community-owned project such as Enova, believing that their ethos embodies everything that we are about, here at Creation Theory.

Enova LogoType and Tag Line

The Challenge

The founding team at Enova had an audacious vision - to create only the third community-owned renewable energy company in the world.

No small ask indeed given that, by constitution, the entire entity would have to be funded by micro-investors, who additionally were required to be a resident of the local region.

Fortunately for us, we were trying to pull this off in one of the most passionately active and activist communities in the country, if not the world. Our community had recently sent coal seam gas corporations packing, with the state government finally forced to buy back the drilling licenses.

So it was out of this groundswell of community action that Enova injected itself as an opportunity for this community to 'take the power back' and take positive, direct action - voting with their dollars.

Enova was additionally founded on a model of re-investing 50% of it's returns back into the local community, as well as a commitment to local employment and services providers, so it was also important that we communicated all of these key benefits with clarity.

Enova NEON

Enova NEON.

The Solution

Given then that there were a lot of moving parts to the operation and energy sector in general, in addition to the uniqueness of the business model, it was imperative that we managed to extract the key benefits to the prospective customer, without drowning them in detail.

Strategically, we had to be picky then and it was quite early on that Creation Theory recommended a strategy which focused upon the 'community' aspect - seeing this as a more uniquely defensible position, rather than attempt to battle it out with the increasingly commoditised renewable energy offering, where there was already emerging a flooded market of highly competitive price wars.

Focusing then onto our community tone, the next strategic recommendation was to avoid engaging in the 'anti' language of parts of the community - raging against the coal and csg industry - instead electing to paint a picture of the upside - of the hope of a 'new dawn' for our pristine homeland and inspiring our people to feel the empowerment of 'taking the power back'.

Enova Get Switched ON Device

Get Switched ON - CTA Device.

The Brand

Taking our cue from the hopeful promise of a new dawn for our region, the tone of voice and visual identity were crafted around sunshine - the sun of course forming a central part in renewable energy, as well as being the very life-force of our land.

Very early on, our sunshine yellow emerged as the dominant brand color - one which we could very easily own within the broader existing energy market.

Aesthetically, we wanted to conjure an emotional sense of how blessed we are to live here and to this end we elected to create imagery depicting both the natural landscape itself, as well as character portraits of the 'real people' of our community.

Enova Key Visual

Enova - Brand Key Visual Landscape.

The Messaging

In what is one of the most regulatorially and compliance dense of all sectors, we knew that we had to be deft in how we represented our offering.

Covering off myriad rulings around what claims can and can not be made, whilst also somehow assisting our customers in digesting and comprehending the many variables to weigh in their selection of an energy provider and plan.

At the end of the day, the first bridge we had to cross was to communicate the 'why' of Enova - the very reason we came to exist in the first place.

After a great deal of research, concepting, testing and feedback, we crafted 'It's YOUR Energy Company ™' - deciding that this was the truest statement that we could say about Enova, over all.

Far more than just a tag line or trademark, this line has come to embody the essence of Enova and is our true north in all that we do.

Enova LogoType Construction

Enova - LogoType Technical Construction.


Of course, nowadays television advertising is increasingly considered strategically redundant, although a similar form of premium brand messaging content is still an invaluable asset, across the digital campaign.

In Enova's specific case however, given the demographic mix of the target region [ that of the Byron Shire and wider Northern Rivers NSW ] we felt that we could still achieve suitably high reach via this channel.

Additionally, Creation Theory was in a position to deliver a strong brand piece at a fraction of the cost comparative to that which a traditional production company would be able to offer.

The final variable in deciding to go ahead with television were the very cost-effective slots we were able to book - with regional television proving a relative bargain.

Enova TVC - Strategy, Creative and Production by Creation Theory.

The Website

As a modern, lean startup model, Enova's success was to depend heavily upon the strength of it's digital platform - particularly in such a critical service area as retail energy.

Whilst primarily concerned with the site as a tool for our brand messaging and the pitch / sales funnel, the deep back-end functionality required to facilitate delivery and customer-side management of retail energy services via a functional web portal meant that we also needed to deliver a UX / UI which could handle complexity elegantly and help our customers to have an intuitive, informative and engaging experience site-wide.

Also vital was the ability to host the reams of complex regulatory, compliance and general energy sector ins and outs in a way which was elegant, accesible and did not drown either the site itself or the user in their search for the most relevant information to them.

Above and beyond all of this, the site needed to be charming and engaging - a place where the user felt they could conduct a significant portion of their relationship with Enova, across the customer life-cycle.

Enova Web Design

Enova Website - Strategy, Creative, Design, UX by Creation Theory.

The Collateral

Enova Print Ad

Enova - Print Advertising.

The Systems Design

Enova Billing

Enova - Investor Report Design.

The Outcomes

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