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driPod ® - You Know Where You Can Stick It ™

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driPod ® was first conceived as a solution around the issue of what to do with your digital devices when you are engaging in water-activities.

From there, the process of user-feedback-driven iterative development took us on a journey which saw our value proposition evolve into one addressing the highly topical problem of personal protection for surfers from the threat of shark attack.

dri Animated gif

The Challenge

Educating a market on a new product category, with no real precedent, is always a challenging task.

We took the challenge to see just how quickly we could get a potential customer to say 'yes' to our offering - hoping that we may in fact discover a repeatable model for achieving this kind agile path to market again in the future.

As inherent in our methodology, we of course also wanted to be led by user testing and feedback, ready to pivot to meet the market and achieve product-market fit.

Enova NEON

driPod ® - Action Sports Targets.

The Solution

Early on, we decided that a key factor in pulling off the challenge would be to relieve the potential customer of the burden of self-education around the product - that utilizing a 'show-don't-tell' approach, we would make the visuals do the heavy-lifting for them.

Enter our strong-suite of creating high-production-value, arresting imagery which tells a story and addresses the users' key purchase motivators.

Our ability to communicate the key benefits of the offering with such strong visual clarity allowed the users in the testing phase to give us super-focused feedback, based upon a general enthusiasm on their part for the potential of the product.

driPod render

driPod 3D Visualization Render.

The Brand

What began as a clean, minimal, high-production aesthetic - designed specifically to sit well alongside the Apple ecosystem, eventually evolved [ on the back of user testing ] into something of a dark and foreboding brand - more specifically targeting the rapidly rising temperature of media-fueled community debate around mitigating a recent spate of shark attacks.

Leaning heavily upon iconography, 3D visualization and animation, we committed to a low-reading approach of show-don't-tell, in consideration of our dominant young-male target demographic.

driPod Motion - Conceptual Visualisation, 3D, Animation by Creation Theory.

The Messaging

In addition to some attention-grabbing, cheeky word-play in the brand naming, we elected strategically to double-down on a certain irreverence in our messaging - given the 'piss take' culture of our initial-launch market, Australia - particularly amongst the males who were still the dominant participants in the kinds of action water-sports we were addressing.

Further validating this approach and no small influence over-all on our model, was the cocky punk vibe of the GoPro brand - exploding into the global stratosphere at the time.

With the above in mind then, our concepting process saw us arrive at a key messaging tag line which we felt complimented this tone perfectly, whilst also being a compelling and arresting truth to tell. Thus "You Know Where You Can Stick It ™" was born.

  • Smartwatch Functionality
  • Proximity Safe
  • Impact Proof
  • GPS Pin
  • Fits All Essentials
  • Depth Rated

driPod - Symbol Set.

The Animation

Extending upon our strategy of a highly visual show-don't-tell approach, we decided with our v2.0 conceptual prototype to play more directly into the highly emotionally charged, white-hot topic of shark safety.

Leveraging dramatic in-the-wild media reporting footage to build a sense of urgency around our solution, the design aesthetic was also dark and foreboding by deisgn - touching upon a visual language commonly associated with threatening scenarios such as internet cyber attacks / hacking.

A female model was also chosen, given the higher propensity shown in our research for females to feel a sense of urgency around our solution - particularly mothers of young adult surfers.

With this visualisation piece, we were able to set a dramatic scene and utilize existing media topicality around our subject matter - informing our potential users while lifting the burden of self educational reading around the topic.

driPod Motion v2.0 - Conceptual Visualization, 3D, Animation by Creation Theory.

The Website

Forming the center-piece of our testable digital prototype, the website was planned as a streamlined, single-scroll pitch funnel - to test and iterate rapidly upon, until we felt we had arrived at the lowest friction experience possible which allowed the user to say 'yes' to our offering.

After a number of iterations, we arrived at the current flow - which felt like a strong balance of allowing the user to feel as though they were presented with enough detail to 'self-educate', without drowning them in detail - which otherwise may arrest their momentum toward a purchase.

Utilizing phantom purchasing on the site, we were able to determine that a desirable percentage of site visitors would complete the funnel and make a decision to purchase.

driPod Web Design

driPod ® - Strategy, Creative, Design, UX by Creation Theory.

The Outcomes

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