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CrANk. ®

People Power ™


Are The Source



Power Plant

CrANk ® is the Pedal-Power Generator

with a

Standard Wall Plug Connection.

Every CrANk of the pedals,
generate real, 240 volt power,
with no extra effort.

When you arrive, chuck the CrANk Fuel Cell ™ in your bag.

Then when your laptop gets low, plug it's wall plug straight into the CrANk battery and get a full recharge.

Better still, put your bike on a stand and pedal yourself enough power to run the tv, the stereo, the fridge if you like.


Feed power back into the grid.

The removable battery slots straight into your drink holder.

Swap it out with another and take it inside to power your digital devices or even feed back into the grid.

D.I.Y. Power

Optimum Tension Mechanism.

Anyone can diy fit CrANk and be assured of achieving optimal performance, with the self-correcting tension arm.

Power Up

Maximum Yield Flywheel.

This is no junk store gimmick crap. We see a world where bikes become an even more essential part of the global eco solution than they already are.

And so, we've engineered this little sucker to produce and keep on producing, in a big way.


where you like, when you like.

With CrANk,
YOU have the power.