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Creation Theory exists to see great ideas happen.

So, what's YOUR idea ?

It's ALL about communication.

There's nothing more fascinating than an idea. Nothing more captivating than a vision. Nothing more arresting than encountering these when expressed with eloquence, in a concise communication.

So, whether it's engaging with our clients, or crafting messaging to help them develop rich relationships with their customers, we truly believe that it really is all about communication.

Why Us ?

Here are 7 good reasons…

  • LEAN

    company, leveraging a diversified contractor network - allowing us to create a multi-disciplinary team to meet client needs, whilst managing resourcing costs.


    means we are able to deliver outcomes with a highly flexible, adaptive methodology with opportunity to inspect and test throughout the project life-cycle - providing more control over scope, time, budget and building-out a continuous-loop of product improvement.


    brand development process means that we understand the overarching business goals of the stakeholders, as well as the key incentives of the target market - all of which informs the down-stream brand, design and go-to-market initiatives, before a single pixel is produced.


    means taking an open-source and latteral co-creation approach to product development by working collaboratively with end-users from conceptualization to implementation, addressing both the end-user and stakeholder needs in the design and development process - ensuring the end product is useful, usable and engaging.


    process means that each of the production-stage initiatives are developed concurrently and in context of one-another, with a view to achieving the lowest friction outcomes and deliverables, as well as facilitating the evolution of each of the deliverables - with each informing the other.


    means that we know very well that delivery is all that matters at the end of the day. But don't take our word for it - we encourage our new clients to ask our existing clients if they are satisfied in our ability to deliver.


    means we know our identity - who we are, our unique dna - out of which we create unique value. We don’t believe that anyone else is positioned to deliver the specific value that we do.

What is an 'agency', really ?

These days there are a lot of shops popping up and flying the ‘brand strategy’ and/or ‘agency’ flag, when in reality they are really little more than graphic designers, trying to sound grown-up and to ‘value add’ to their offering.

You deserve a real strategic / creative agency though - one which is able to speak to your audience through the filter of your business goals and to actually understand your business model and category in the first place.

An agency which doesn’t try to do it all, but who knows their own core value proposition and stays focused on it, whilst outsourcing and overseeing down-stream production on your behalf.

How do you feel that your current supplier stacks up by these measures ?

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