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Rapid Market Validation.

Is there a market for your idea ?

Hi, I’m Todd.

Over my years observing and assisting early-stage startups, I have been constantly surprised and frustrated to watch promising young founders make the same mistakes over and over again.

Well, I’d like to help you avoid one BIG mistake in particular.

See, time and again, I have watched founders and new teams get stuck into the hard grind of building a business. Great work ethic, for sure. Talented ? Yep.

So what’s the problem then ??

Again and again it’s this - these guys will destroy themselves building the shit out of their business systems and documentation - all important work that must be done of course, but unfortunately just so often, they forgot to actually validate their idea with a market first !

So, there they are, slaving away, building a product that no one wants. Sure, they are all using latest Lean Methodology, but it seems it’s not quite lean enough, because 3, 6, 9 months later, they STILL haven’t tested in the wild.

When they finally do test, THEN they find out that they have been wasting their precious time, energy and resources - or worse, somebody else’s resources.

"But how can we test it until we build it ?”.

Well, that’s the thing - you don’t have to build it before you test it - in fact, what I’ve been trying to tell you is that you should not build anything at all UNTIL you validate the existence of a market for your offering.

“But HOW ??” you yell in frustration !!

Glad you asked !! Because that’s exactly what I want to show you…


Toyota CH-R

Ok, see the image above ?

It's a car ad, right ?

Correct. The thing is about this car ad and many like it is that it's not really an actual car at all though !

"Huh ??"

No - it's actually a digitally rendered 3D car - made on a computer.

"Okaaaaaaay..." - I heard you say ; )

Well, here's the thing - in theory, because the car in the ad is not actually a real car at all, Toyota could have advertised the car before they made it - if they wanted to find out whether anyone would want to actually buy this particular car - before they spent $1000000000+ developing and building the real thing.

Make sense ?!

My point is - we are in the position to do the same thing with YOUR idea - utilizing powerful pre-visualization technology available to us, we can prototype and test with our hypothetical target market now, rather than later !

Limited time: FREE Consult !

Let's get you Validated NOW:

But hey, don't take MY word for it...

"Partnering with Todd as a pre-funded, community organization, we were ultimately able to raise four million dollars in starting capital - primarily via micro-investors who would also go on to be our first customers."

- Melissa MacCourt, Founding Partner @EnovaEnergy

It's true - when I first engaged with Enova, there was no company - no product, no pitch - nothing to show the market.

Now, given that they were aiming to start a friggin ENERGY COMPANY, no less - an audacious goal if ever there was one, they were going to need a whole truck-load of capital and they were going to need to convince their community of investors to give it to them before they built the actual company !

Are you beginning to see it now ?

Look, here's the thing ok - I love doing this for people, because my personal vision - yes, my passion, sure - is to see the entrepreneurial thing work out for more people.

Because the current reality is - for every Uber and AirBnB you hear about, many more other guys go home broke and with their tail between their legs.

Well, I just believe that this doesn't have to be the case quite so often.

So, can we just have a quick chat about this please ?

I promise not to hit you up for anything or make you feel put upon at all. To start with, I'd really just like to hear what you have in mind.

Then, if I am able to demonstrate how I might be of genuine value to your business, well we can go from there.

Sound fair ?

Enter your email below and first off I'll shoot you back an email with everything you need to know in order to:

So anyway, if you're wondering who the hell I am to be promising you all of this...

Well, with 15 years as an ad agency guy, working across strategy and creative, as well as in 3D conceptual visualization, animation, brand and digital design - these days I use these skills for my passion in helping startups to, well, start up.

Look, I'd genuinely love to help you find your product-market fit, right at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey.

I truly can't wait to hear all about your vision - so let's get this conversation started...

Looking forward to chatting soon then,


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