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Let's build it, together.

Starting-up used to be a lonely grind. Screw that.

The Pitch

Over and over again, first time founders sit down at a desk and embark upon a lonely grind, largely wrestling with the same problems that every founder before them has already faced and struggling with areas of their business far outside of their core skillset.

So instead, how about a model for a curated community of business and creative types - all gathering together to collaborate on the building-out of one-anothers' ventures.

We call it 'crowd-building' and it's so much more fun than doing it alone.

We figure that if everyone just brings their strong-suite of skilsets to the table, we'll deliver stronger executions over-all and no one has to grind their way through stuff they just plain suck at.

In the end, a successful launch is a win for all involved, with each team member taking their reciprocal chunk of equity.

Also, in addition to imroving the chances of your own idea succeeding, everyone gets to dillute their own risk, across X number of other projects - just in case their own startup doesn't actually, well, start-up.

let's Begin a thriving ecosystem of new business activity, upon which we can all, as a business community, hang our hats.

Will you join together with us to be part of this exciting new model for value creation ?

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